The Natural Gardener Inc

The Natural Gardener is a mixed vegetable farm operation located in Ferryland, NL. We also produce a special liquid kelp soil conditioner.

Our main farm crop is garlic, which is planted in October and harvested in August. Properly dried and stored, garlic can remain fresh for up to 10 months. Other popular products include garlic scapes, rhubarb, carrots, beets and several varieties of radish.
The liquid kelp based soil conditioner, Plant Booster, is used to grow our crops and is available for sale in 2 litre containers. Kelp contains the important nutrients that help maintain good soil structure and make plants stay healthy.

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Détails de la ferme

  • Nom de l'entreprise: The Natural Gardener Inc
  • Type de ferme: Culinary and seed garlic, other mixed vegetables and Plant Booster liquid kelp based
  • Hôte: Brian and Jane Yager
  • Téléphone:
  • Adresse:
  • Ville: Ferryland
  • Province: Terre-Neuve
  • Heure de début:
  • Heure de fin:
  • Dates: September 19
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  • Cultures et machines Jardins & Plantes Tournée et visite Légumes, Fruits, Fleurs & Arbres

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