Sunnycroft Farms Limited

A tour through the dairy barns to visit the cows, see the robotic milker in action and a stop to see the baby calves. We will talk about what our cows eat, features of the barn and show how milk is produced on farm.

A family owned and operated dairy farm located in Milford, Nova Scotia where 50 (mainly) Holsteins are milked in a free-stall barn with a robotic milker.

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Détails de la ferme

  • Nom de l'entreprise: Sunnycroft Farms Limited
  • Type de ferme: Dairy
  • Hôte: Corey and Janette McDonald
  • Téléphone:
  • Adresse:
  • Ville: Milford
  • Province: Nouvelle-Écosse
  • Heure de début: 2:00PM - Live on FB
  • Heure de fin:
  • Dates: September 19
  • Activités
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