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On our small family-farm in central Prince Edward Island we embrace farming traditions that make sense. We believe that happy meals start with happy turkeys and chickens. 
We provide our birds with a cage-free and comfortable environment. We take a hands-on approach to caring for our flock, providing them with fresh bedding, water, and anything else they need. 
We feed our flock a high-quality vegetarian diet with no animal byproducts. And we never use hormones, medications or antibiotics.
Innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of everything we do at Larkin Farms. That’s why we also process our own turkeys and chickens, ensuring a minimum-stress environment and the very best practices at every stage of their life. 
You can find Larkin Farms’ chicken and turkey products at grocery retailers across Prince Edward Island, the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market, and our retail shop in Crapaud. You’ll also find many local restaurants serving delicious Larkin chicken and turkey dishes. And, of course, you can also order your Larkin Farms products through our online shop any time! 

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  • Nom de l'entreprise: Larkin Farms
  • Type de ferme: Turkey, chicken
  • Hôte: Paul Larkin
  • Téléphone: (902) 658-2781
  • Adresse:
  • Ville: New Glasgow
  • Province: l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard
  • Heure de début:
  • Heure de fin:
  • Dates: September 19
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