Green Gable Alpacas

Our 11 acre farm is home to approximately 40 award winning alpacas and one llama. We sell breeding stock and production stock; raw fibre as well as hand and mill processed fibre, batts and yarns. Learn the history of these animals. Feel the warmth and luxury of their fiber and shop the boutique to add some luxury to your wardrobe.

Items for Sale
The Fiber House Boutique is open daily and sells handcrafted and Peruvian made alpaca products. Alpaca manure is also for sale.

Détails de la ferme

  • Nom de l'entreprise: Green Gable Alpacas
  • Type de ferme:
  • Hôte: Janet Ogilvie
  • Téléphone: (902) 303-0647
  • Adresse: 5627 Route 12
  • Ville: Birch Hill
  • Province: l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard
  • Heure de début: 10:00AM
  • Heure de fin: 5:00PM
  • Dates: September 19
  • Activités
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